Lunch at The Nautilus


The Nautilus | 12 Cambridge Street | Nantucket, MA |  508-228-0301

We invited Joe Ricchio, a Maine bon vivant and food editor of that state’s acclaimed Down East and Dispatch magazines, to share his unique insights. Follow along as he shares his perspective on things to do, eat, and drink on Nantucket. With writing credits from Bon Appetit, Vice, The Guardian and Boston Magazine, we hope you enjoy his unique voice and insights.

When you're dealing with a limited amount of vacation time on the island, it is imperative to pinpoint which of your target eateries are open for lunch. This will not only help to maximize the culinary aspects of your Nantucket getaway, but will generally be easier on your wallet.

Decked out like a contemporary American pirate ship, The Nautilus can be categorized stylistically as "World Fusion." The lunch menu runs the gamut from falafel to chana masala to a Southern-style fried softshell crab sandwich. Unlike many restaurants that attempt this kind of range, The Nautilus executes these dishes successfully. Indonesian Chicken Drumettes, served with pickled vegetables and kecap manis, are akin to some of the best wings you will ever taste, while tender grilled octopus, topped with chimichurri sauce alongside olive oil-laden potatoes, can be cut easily without a knife.

Closer-to-home fare, such as Nantucket Island Creek razor clams grilled a la plancha and coated with ramp butter and herbed breadcrumbs, pair brilliantly with a chilled bottle of “Pride of the Village,” a mind-numbingly delicious Junmai Ginjo from a very well-informed selection of sake. Equally pleasing, and in stark contrast, are beer-battered halibut tacos with pickled cabbage and spicy crema - washed down with a sea of Corona. It is worth noting that they do not serve dessert at lunch, which leaves room for more exploration and other things.

-- Joe

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