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Experience Nantucket's Night Sky


Daydreaming about a visit to our stunning 76 Main Ink Press Hotel is sure to evoke images of glittering sun-kissed seascapes, dappled cobblestone streets and perhaps even the lingering scent of sunscreen on the air. In other words: the quintessential feel of summer days.

Notice we didn't say summer nights. But in fact, there’s a little-known Nantucket gem waiting to delight your senses long after the sun has set—the Maria Mitchell Observatory.

Established over 100 years ago, the newly-restored historic observatory is open to public tours and hosts a number of public lectures and programs throughout the year. With a refurbished antique telescope as well as a state-of-the-art research telescope, the center serves as both a public venue and an active research observatory.

A visit to the observatory will give you a chance to ooh and ahh over the twinkly night sky—and get front-row seats for all our local cosmic events, like fly-by comets, meteor showers, and lunar eclipses. You’ll be able to learn about the latest discoveries in deep space, brush up on your constellations and even beef up those home telescope using skills.

With its creative array of public lectures and romantic-sounding stargazing nights, The Mitchell Observatory offers a fun and unique experience for adults. We suggest adding an excursion to the Mitchell Observatory for a fun and informative adventure into the night sky on your next Nantucket getaway!

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