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Best Pizza on Nantucket


Sometimes you need a break from lobster (OK, we don't, but we can imagine other people might), and pizza is always a good go-to. From a family favorite to authentic, Neapolitan wood-fired pies, Nantucket is surprisingly rich in pizza options for a small island. When you're staying at our beautiful boutique hotel, consider these three places to enjoy some of the best pizza on Nantucket.

Pi Pizzeria | 11 W Creek Rd., Nantucket | (508) 228-1130

Located in a quintessentially Nantucket shingle-sided cottage, Pi Pizza is known for its Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas. This means dough and sauce made from scratch every day and a 900 degree pizza oven. You can expect thin, chewy dough and simple toppings. The rest of the menu continues the theme with pastas and Italian classics like minestrone and chicken parm. The wood-paneled dining room is cozy, with a large bar that has a focus on Italian drinks.

Sophie T'S | 7 Dave St., Nantucket | (508) 325-6265

Sophie T's is a longtime Nantucket favorite, open since 2000. The pizza is standard New York-style, with giant, floppy slices and a thin crust. You can eat in the homey dining room or order take out to enjoy in your room. Sophie T's is affordable, not pretentious, and makes a mean pie, so it has a place in any Nantucketers heart.

Pizzeria Gemelle | 2 East Chestnut, Nantucket | (508) 901-5958

Welcome to a cozy neighborhood spot! Here, a passionate group of pizza enthusiasts crafts delicious Neapolitan-style pies for friends and the community. Alongside the pizzas, there's a unique selection of affordable wines, delightful Southern-inspired desserts, fresh salads, and a variety of simple yet tasty sides. Make a stop at Pizzeria Gemelle for a fun and flavorful dining experience!

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