Where Today's Luxury Meets the Island's Fabled Past

Step into a captivating world where Nantucket’s media heritage comes alive on the walls of this historical sea captain’s home. 76 Main Ink Press Hotel, located at the top of historic Main Street, is a remarkably curated celebration of the island’s past through vintage treasures and framed stories that span two hundred years, all within an environment that embraces the island’s coastal elegance.

With its beachy, seaside spirit with hues of blue and warm textured walls, 76 Main envelops guests in luxury and history, all at once making it the island’s most intriguing place to stay. With its cozy reading room, hidden backyard complete with a fire pit and mixer bar, and direct proximity to the island’s best shops and restaurants, 76 Main offers an authentic Nantucket experience like no other. From luxury linens to beach bags and towels to personalized concierge services, we enable you to author your own unforgettable Nantucket story.

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